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Are you looking for something new and exciting to help you get great tanning results?

Midnight Sun Tanning & Laser Studio carries the latest in tanning lotion innovation for optimal color development and healthy-looking skin.  Whether you want the ultimate in advanced tanning technology or an energizing tanning experience, our products will deliver results you are sure to love!  Visit our salon to view our complete indoor tanning lotion selection.

Advantages of Indoor Tanning Lotions

Saves you time. Moisturized skin tans more quickly.
Indoor tanning lotions save your skin. Moisturized skin is healthier.
Indoor tanning lotions help counteract the drying effects of heat and light associated with tanning.

Why Tanners Should Buy Indoor Tanning Products only from a Tanning Salon!

Indoor Tanning lotions stocked by tanning salons are designed to help achieve the darkest tan...Tanning lotions bought somewhere else may actually prevent you from getting a tan by blocking UV exposure...

Never use a SPF product in a tanning bed, because SPF products require as long as 30 minutes before it actively blocks UV exposure...

Some store bought tanning lotions will damage tanning beds:

Indoor tanning equipment is very expensive...Many tanning lotions sold outside of tanning salons may have ingredients like mineral oil, product dyes, and other ingredients that will damage the tanning equipment and cause less UV exposure during the tanning session...Most major brands of indoor tanning products have been tested to be tanning bed safe meaning the ingredients will not damage or reduce the effectiveness of the tanning equipment...Some salons may hold tanners responsible for damage caused by store bought tanning products not approved for use in tanning salon...

Store bought skin moisturizers are not the same as salon bought moisturizers:

Some skin Moisturizers bought from retail stores and major cosmetic companies often contain ingredients that stop, diminish, or restrict your body’s natural tanning process...These non-tanning moisturizers may include:

  1. Natural and chemical sun blocks that prevent the bodies UV light absorption during a tanning session
  2. Skin bleachers and skin whitening agents are designed to minimize age spots but also bleaching out tan skin
  3. Skin exfoliates are designed to increase skin shedding to reduce wrinkles but peels away tan skin
  4. Most non-tanning moisturizers do not contain Tyrosine and other tanning ingredients designed to help the body tan faster

By using tanning salon moisturizers you will achieve better tanning results...Tanning salon moisturizers are designed to be used as often as possible but especially after a shower and before bed to help your skin receive the maximum moisturization and skin conditioning.   

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